Field Photo Friday!!

In today’s post I have included several pictures from the Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Area, within the Uwharrie National Forest. My wife and I spent this past Memorial Day weekend backpacking an 8 mile section of trails within this Wilderness Area. The Uwharrie N.F. is located Northeast of Charlotte with a ranger station in Troy, NC. Operated by the U.S. Forest Service this land is primarily used for recreational activities including OHV, horseback riding, biking, and hiking. The Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Area is solely reserved for hiking and camping. Below are a few pictures taken while we were backpacking. I hope to include a post later with more details of our trip including more photos and information.

This little guy was spotted on the way to the trailhead on the street across from Science Hill Church in Asheboro, NC. We swung back around and took him off the road so that he wouldn’t get squished. This is the first E. Box Turtle we have seen in North Carolina!

The images above and below are some pictures of the trail system. The two pictures were taken on Robbins Branch Trail.

This last photo was our final stop before hiking out to the trailhead. Surrounded by these beautiful rocks we took a break, laying out a blanket  to relax. This spot was the only location along the trails that had such a large outcropping of rocks.

The first stop we made to take lunch was just on the other side of a creek along Hannah’s Creek trail. While packing up I noticed this butterfly flying around and couldn’t help but notice that it had an affinity for my wife. It kept circling around her and landing either on her head or back. This Hackberry Emporer is a first find for us and proved both to be beautiful and entertaining.


USDA Forest Service (Uwharrie National Forest)
USDA Forest Service (Birkhead Mountain Wilderness Area)
Herps of North Carolina (Eastern Box Turtle)
Butterflies of North Carolina 

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