Field Photo Friday!

I have decided that I’m going to start posting photos on Friday that deal with fieldwork and all things dealing with the trials, tribulations, and turmoil associated with conducting research in the “field”. Most pictures will come from fieldwork I conducted during my master’s thesis research in graduate school. Depending upon how many pictures I have I might also include pictures taken while enjoying the simpler things in nature with my wife. I thought it might be fun to start this first Field Photo Friday with a few pictures of an unexpected guest caught in funnel traps.

This individual was caught during May 18-21 of 2010 at Sherburne Wildlife Management Area in Louisiana. I am not an expert on mammal identification but I am betting that it’s a Marsh Rice Rat (Oryzomys palustris). I frequently came across armadillo, opossum, several rats and even more mice during my fieldwork.

While checking traps I came across this little guy in a funnel trap meant for catching reptiles and amphibians. He was very agitated and was a real pain to get out of the trap. He stuck himself into the corner, bared his teeth and refused to be pulled out of the trap. I preceded to open the trap door and decided to continue on checking other traps. When I returned he had left. However, the next day after walking the transect I came upon the same trap and low and behold……there he was. He continued to cause trouble by bracing himself in the corner refusing to leave hanging on for dear life determined not to let go. After a little coercion he came out of the trap and preceded to climb the nearest tree. He sat there while I finished checking traps in the area and was still there when I returned later in the day.


Happy Field Photo Friday!!!


~ by npvbroek on 04/01/2011.

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