Breeding Frogs in Mid-January

I have spent a few weeks in the field conducting fieldwork over the month of January. You may ask why, and it seems like a legitimate question. However, as I live and work in Louisiana it can get rather warm during the day. After several days of low 70’s and mid 60’s (January 28th) I decided to do some exploring. I revisited an area that had shallow pools last year that must have been created by either human or deer . Last year I found several large egg masses in these shallow pools, this year was no different.

Below is a movie with images of the frog egg masses. The first few images are of a randomly placed chair in the woods. There were several shattered clay pigeons around the area so I only suspect that a “local” comes out to drink some beers and shoot his firearm.

I am hoping to continue a more consistent posting schedule from now on. However, with teaching labs, collecting field data, sorting and identifying insects, and spending time with my wife I feel stretched thin. Till next time.


~ by npvbroek on 01/30/2010.

One Response to “Breeding Frogs in Mid-January”

  1. This is very cool. I think you should post more frequent. Ciao.

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