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This whole blog thing and most of new technology is foreign to me as I have been apprehensive to “technologize” (is that even a word?) myself.  I would most likely not be writing this if it weren’t for my wife who has, bless her heart, put up with my technology deficiencies. As a means to catch up with the rest of society I have decided to plug into the computerized world and am now using all things Google (Google Reader, Google Calendar, Gmail, etc.) and Oh, and not to mention Facebook of which I refused to join until I was pressured by my wife. So far technology hasn’t caused me to break down although I am slowly working from infant abilities to at least a teenagers skill level.

So aside from trying to catch up with everyone else, this blog is meant to help me work through my masters thesis in addition to providing an outlet for things that I have seen while out in the woods, swamp, or any “natural” area in or out of my thesis work. I plan on including all aspects of my thesis from writing to fieldwork and all the way to analysis and discussion. Hopefully this will entertain most and bore very few. All I can say is that this will allow me the opportunity to work out the mess that is my masters thesis rattling around in my head.


~ by npvbroek on 10/18/2009.

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